Physical and mental paralysis hinders many in this world.  From the paraplegic to the mentally disabled, paralysis plants a grip upon their lives that causes them to reallocate their energies to something other than being as productive as the rest of us.  Paralysis becomes a crutch.  Paralysis becomes a reason to fail.  Paralysis becomes a complete mindset and lifestyle.  Paralysis becomes the ultimate weakness.

In a world that creates opportunities to be paralyzed in every facet of our lives, there are too few spiritual doctors bellying up to the bar to help show how our weaknesses can be our strengths.  I have attached a link to a short video that shows how a triathlete takes a paralyzed man through an entire triathlon with him.  Through the waves of the water and the heat of a road unforgiving and ever-winding, this man takes his obviously sick passenger through the trials and tribulations of the harshest of all races.  And through it all, their smiles never fade (thanks to Chris for showing me this).

Not only is it inspirational in its obviously physical and emotional ways, but it is a perfect example of the life of a Christian who relies upon Christ to help get him/her through a race he/she could never finish without His help.  Christ is the one who helps us fight the good fight, and He is the one to help us finish the race.  We are incapable of completing it without Him, because our weaknesses would never allow us to.  But with Him carrying us through those times in our life when the water just seems too impossible to make across, or the road too long to endure, anything is possible…anything.

So take the crutches out from under your arms and allow Christ to catch you before you fall.  Refuse to use the wheelchair that only gets you so far, and let God carry you beyond any point you could dream of reaching on your own.   You will be surprised how far your weaknesses will take you when you acknowledge what they are.  The Lord loves a broken man who knows just what he is, and despises the man whose sicknesses are blinded by a pride much worse than what ails him, for it is only the man who is sick and knows it who truly looks for a cure that will last.

May we all know our personal weaknesses and allow God to work in our lives, freeing us from the restrictions of a world that tells us we cannot be happy unless we are gods ourselves.  If there was ever anything that would keep us from crossing the finish line with a big smile on our faces, it would be the illusion that we were able to do it without the One who is, and ever will be, our biker, swimmer, and runner in life…the Holy Trinity…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Praise God and may peace be with you all.

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A father of four, married, and still in denial that the Brewers lost the 1982 World Series. Recently retired from the United States military and now working for the state of Wisconsin as a Human Resources Coordinator. Enjoys candlelit dinners, walks under the moonlight, and frolicking in the prairie fields in slow motion towards nothing in particular.
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